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25 years ago we started Action Television with the goal to create compelling lifestyle television programming.  Every month since 1994 we have had a national TV series in distribution across the US. Ski TV, Golf Life, Inside Poker and dozens of Action Sports event shows.  We have worked with ESPN, FOX SPORTS, POKER GO, CBS SPORTS NET, NBC SPORTS NET and Others.

Action Television creates, syndicates, sells and produces Sports TV Programming.

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By 2000, Action Media was delivering content across the Internet and mobile to millions on YouTube, iTunes, Hulu and other video platforms. Along the way, we have produced thousands of branded campaigns, promotional videos and commercials for our clients.  We leverage video across all online and mobile platforms to maximize the effectiveness of a content investment.

Cutting Edge Producers & Distributors of Lifestyle TV Programs, Commercials, and Online Video.

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We also developed, sold, produced and distributed our own series including Golf Life (18 years), Ski TV (14 years), Snowrider and Inside Poker.  We now produce Inside Poker for Poker Central, Ultimate Dodgeball for ESPN3 and produced Inside GOLF Magazine for Time, Inc., Plus we’ve produced single event coverage on networks including FOX Sports, ESPN, Golf Channel & CBS Sports.

For two decades Action Television has developed and distributed episodic programming and event television.